About Us

Wishbone Classics is a British car parts company that cares about quality first and foremost.   We will not stock or sell any part that does not meet strict quality criteria - anything we sell has to meet or exceed the quality of the original item!  At Wishbone Classics that means making sure quality is more than skin deep as well - plenty of firms sell poor quality parts that look great !  We don't agree with that policy, so we go to great lengths to make sure that the parts we sell are produced from the appropriate materials and manufactured using the correct equipment and procedures.  Then the part must function and look correct cosmetically as well.

What sets us apart:

We use the parts we sell on our own cars and customer projects, so the parts we sell have to be the best.


Design - All of the parts we produce are designed in house on up to date CAD modeling software. In addition to virtually assembling parts to make sure they work as a whole, we employ Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software to confirm that designed parts will function reliably in the real world.

Testing - we'll use metallurgical analysis to validate the parts we produce meet the material specifications that we specified. Tensile and hardness testing also further confirm the usability and superiority of our parts. Every engine and transmission we build is dynamically tested in our shop, allowing us to confirm correct operation and lack of leaks. Performance engine dynamometer services help us validate and tune our high end engines, while providing you with a fully broken in engine that is ready to run!