Cylinder Head Assembly, Rebuilt by WBC - Triumph GT6 TR250 TR6


April 2017: We have had to raise pricing on our cylinder head rebuilds, due to some increased cost on the included parts themselves, as well as bringing the machining costs inline with our current hourly labor rates.  All heads now receive re-surfacing of their intake / exhaust flange, to fully restore this crucial gasket surface to better than new condition (we use a much finer cut to achieve a far better surface finish than original).  Previously this the intake / exhaust flange surfacing was optional (at extra cost), now it is part of our standard machine work package.
Included Rebuilding Labor & Machine Work:
Disassemble & Visual Inspect
Hot High Pressure Spray Wash Cabinet Degrease (2 cycles)
Shot Blast
Magnaflux (crack check)
Remove & Replace Valve Guides
Diamond Hone Valve Guides to Clearance
Counterbore & Install Hard Exhaust Seat Inserts
Multi-angle Valve Seat Profiles Cut Into Head
Surface Head (Head Gasket Side)
Surface Intake  / Exhaust Manifold Flange
Final Cleaning (2 cycles hot spray wash, 1 cycle hot ultrasonic clean)
Included New Parts:
New Intake Valves, 1.45" 214N Stainless Steel
New Exhaust Valves, 1.25" 214N Stainless Steel
Hard Exhaust Seat Inserts (Premium)
Bronze Valve Guides & Viton Seal Kit
Valve Spring Set (for factory cams)
Core Plug Pair
All cylinder heads are rebuilt to order.  Allow approximately 2-4 weeks for completition time in our workshop.

Price: $1,195.00

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