Differential Mount Repair Kit, Front (Major) - Triumph TR4A TR250 TR6


This is the major repair kit you need if your front differential mounts have cracked and pulled through the chassis cross member.  This kit can be installed with the body on or off.  WIth the body off the kit can be used as is, with the body on we recommend cutting the rectangular upper plates down the center and fitting them to the underside of the chassis cross member and welding in place around the pin.  Alternatively, but requiring even more work, the rectangular plate can be welded on the upper side of the cross member if access holes are cut into the body floor to allow topside fitting and welding.  This kit  is produced from substantial 9ga steel.
It is important to note that bottom of each side plate should be clipped a little prior to welding in place.  This provides a small air hole at the bottom to keep condensation from collecting on the interior of the newly box sectioned differential mounts.

Price: $89.95

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