Engines & Engine Component Rebuilding Services

2016 Notes:

  • Due to the amount of time and detail it takes to produce a comprehensive engine quote (7-9+ pages long typically), we will now charge $360 for engine quotes.  Potential customers must sign a non-disclosure agreement due to the proprietary nature of much of the information in the quote from our years of development and race engine work.  If you choose to accept our quotation and proceed with an engine build, then the $360 quote fee you paid will be applied as an equivalent discount to your engine project.
  • We no longer build complete BMC A Series (Mini / Spridget / Midget) or BMC B Series (MGA / MGB) engines.  We're currently too focused on Triumph engine work, and we currently only build engines for Triumph GT6, Triumph Spitfire (1300 large journal, and all 1500 units), Triumph TR250 / TR5 and Triumph TR6 engines.


2015 Notes:

  • We will not use any mechanical distributor on any customer engine (we'll only use 123TUNE fully electronic & programmable distributors, distributorless ignition, etc)
  • All GT6 and TR6 engine blocks get lined bored for camshaft bearings, even stock spec engines!
  • We no longer build complete TR3/TR4 engines, we will continue to offer cylinder head rebuilding for TR3/TR4 (customer supplied cores)


2014 Notes:

  • Minimum engine rebuild service price is $10,000 USD for a fully rebuilt dyno tested engine package (fully assembled engine, carbs, ignition, exhaust manifold, etc)
  • All engines being rebuilt are torque plate honed for superior cylinder bore geometry and improved piston ring seal
  • All rebuilt engines are dyno tested on a Superflow SF902 engine dyno prior to shipment / delivery to the customer


Wishbone Classics is a specialist in rebuilding standard and performance British sports car engines.  Austin Healey, MG or Triumph we can build it better than original and to any performance level.  In recent years we have become especially well known for our performance Triumph TR6 engines, which put out incredible power while improving durability and eliminating faults with the original design. 

What makes a Wishbone Classics engine better?

  • CNC Engine Block Machining - Unmatched Accuracy & Precision
  • CNC Camshaft Tunnel Boring (for fitting cam bearings to GT6/TR6 blocks)
  • Torque Plate Honing available using our own cast iron torque plates to replicate cylinder head installation stresses on block during cylinder honing
  • Purpose manufactured components designed to replace faulty original designs - for increased reliability and durability.
  • Whether stock, performance or race, only the highest quality components and workmanship go into our engines
  • Street engines are warrantied for 12 months / 12,000 miles (contact us for complete details of the warranty).
  • All engines are run and broken in prior to installation or shipping to the customer.
  • Dyno services provided as standard with all engine rebuilds - we verify and stand behind our performance claims. 
  • Concours show engine finishing available - we'll replate every piece of hardware as original, so your engine stands above the competition at shows. 
  • Custom options available from electronic fuel injection, distributorless ignition, supercharger and turbochargers...

CNC Engine Block Machining

(TR6 engine block in the process of being CNC machined, cylinders being bored)

We've endeavored to have our machine work carried out on the finest, most accurate equipment available.  As of March 2007, all of our engine block work is carried out to the extremes of perfection on a CNC engine machining center.  Totally computer controlled, and programable, this specialized equipment eliminates inaccuraties and errors that can be introduced with manual equipment.  Because this CNC engine center also bundles multiple machining operations into one piece of equipment, we no longer have to worry about different individual machines introducing any deviations in tolerances between machining steps.   If you're a British car owner that seeks perfection, you will not find another engine rebuilder that is able to produce as fine of finished unit.  The CNC block machining center is a major contributor to the high level of quality and performance on our engines.

Special Engine Related Services

Wishbone Classics is able to perform certain machining operations on your engine that you cannot have done elsewhere.  We're able to bore Triumph blocks to accept cam bearings, we've even produced specialized tooling to shorten the duration of this procedure - which saves you money, because we can do it quicker.  Need oversized lifter / tappet bores?  No problem.  Need someone to fit steel main caps to your block and line bore for the proper fit?  No problem.  Can't find a shop that offers a crankshaft nitriding service?  Well we offer that as well.  

Engine Machining & Assembly Photo Gallery