Intake Valve, 1.45" 214N Stainless Steel - Triumph GT6 TR250 TR6


High quality intake valve for Triumph inline six engines.  This valve is 1.45" in diameter and produced from a 214N stainless steel forging (no other 1.45" TR6 intake valve on the market is stainless).  The head is swirl polished and the stem is slightly undercut in the region where it protrudes into port.  This valve is our standard valve choice for moderate street engines.

New for 2014 the valve tip and retainer groove receive a second heat treatment (induction hardening) to make them even more wear resistant.

No other 1.45" TR6 intake valve on the market has these features, this is not the same 1.45" valve sold by other British car vendors.

Price: $15.00

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