Laygear Needle Bearing w/ Outer Shell, Heavy Duty - TR3B TR4 TR4A TR250 TR6


We offer a heavy duty version of the standard 126862 factory needle bearing. This needle bearing is slightly longer offering more bearing area, while still fitting the laygear comfortably.  Dynamic load capacity is increased by 13% over the standard 126862 bearing. 

Made in the USA

Full compliment needle bearings with outer shells are useful for providing a new bearing surface on laygears that have pitted bores that were fitted with open cage bearings originally.  The primary advantages of this type of bearing are the increased static and dynamic load capacity over an open cage bearing, and the integral outer bearing race (the shell), which offers a renewable surface each time the bearing is changed for a new one.  The major disadvantage of full compliment needle rollers with an outer shell is that they have a lower speed rating than open cage bearings.  Consequently, these bearings are excellent for street driven vehicles where greater long term durability is required, but sustained high speed use is not a significant factor.  Race gearboxes should use the open cage bearings and renew laygear and bearings prior to fatigue failure of the bearing surfaces.

NOTE:  May not fit all laygears the same!  Some laygears have a deeper bearing bore then others.  While this bearing shell will install into all laygears, future extraction/removal will be difficult on the laygears that have a shallow counterbore (less than 1.125").

Price: $16.95

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