Layshaft, Heavy Duty & Race - Triumph TR3 TR3A TR4 TR4A TR250 TR6


This is our highly durable 9310 steel layshaft for Triumph TR3 through TR6 gearboxes. 

Original Triumph layshafts are prone to surface fatigue which results in pitting of the bearing surface area of the layshaft.  This is an engineering design fault that plagues all Triumph gearboxes -  failure isn't a question of "if", but of "when". 

We have rectified the original design fault by producing our shafts from an extremely tough grade of triple alloy steel (nickel, chromium, molybdenum).  The heat treatment results in an extremely hard wear resistant outer case (HRC61-63), while retaining a tough inner core.  Surface finish on the standard heavy duty shafts is 12-16 Ra, race shafts are polished after center-less grinding to improve the surface finish to 4-8Ra.  The improved finish further improves fatigue resistance of the surface, while at the same time providing slightly better fricitonal and tribological characteristics for the needle bearings that ride on the shaft.

Price: $74.95

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