Synchro Ring, Premium - Triumph TR3 TR4 TR4A TR250 TR6 Stag


Over the last decade, we have tested over half a dozen different synchronizer rings that are available for the Triumph TR3 through TR6 gearbox and this particular ring has been our favorite.  This synchronizer ring features notable improvements over the original - and over other synchros on the market. 

Most importantly, our synchro ring has the correct cone taper to match the cone on the gears.  Because synchros work by friction, the amount of contact surface area between the gear and synchro ring is critical for effective synchronization.  In order to increase contact area, this synchro has a more finely cut inner groove pattern which allows more grooves in the same width.  The original synchronizer groove pattern was significantly coarser.  The powdered metal construction of this ring also has helped make this ring more durable than the plain brass rings sold elsewhere.

The reason one of our competitors sells their synchronizer with the warning that "They require a couple of hundred miles to fully bed in" is because they're made incorrectly with the wrong inner cone angle.  Instead of fixing the problem, our competitor simply wants you to wear your synchronizers in to match the gear cone angle. 

Without a doubt, this is the synchronizer we feel is the best one available on the market and it is the one we use in all of our own Triumph TR3 through TR6 and Stag gearbox rebuilds.

Price: $24.95

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