J-type Overdrive Conversion Bracket Kit (for pre-1973 TR frames) - Triumph TR3 TR3A TR3B TR4 TR4A TR250 TR5 TR6


Can't find an original A-type overdrive transmission for your pre-1973 Triumph TR?  But you found a J-type overdrive unit instead?

This kit allows you to install the Triumph TR transmissions that have the superior J-type OD unit into your earlier TR chassis frames that were meant to accept only the A-type units.  So you can install that 1975 Triumph TR6 gearbox with J-type OD into your 1961 Triumph TR3A.

TR6s from 1973 onwards already accept the J-type OD units without this kit, as J-type OD was the type of OD originally fitted on 1973-1976 TR6s.

Price: $199.95

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