WBC Mild Race TR6 Engine - 227 hp, 211 lb ft (2016)

Mild Race TR6 Engine

227 HP @ 6500 RPM (May 2016)
211 LB FT @ 5000RPM (May 2016)
7000 RPM Rev Limit

This TR6 engine was built for a TR6 racer in Pennsylvania.  He had used another TR6 performance specialist to produce the previous two TR6 engines, neither of which lasted a season of use before suffering catastrophic failures.  In 2015 the customer commissioned us to rebuild and update his TR6 race engine.  The customer performs in a variety of competition events, including hillclimb events and vintage road racing, and necessitated a very wide power band. The engine is built to be as bullet-proof as possible, with the component spec meeting the same criteria that we would use on a maximum effort race engine.  This engine underwent extensive engine dynamometer in May of 2016 before being put on track. 

This engine will get some additional updates prior to the start of the 2017 season.  In particular, the compression ratio will be increased from 12:1 to 13.5:1, which will incease peak horsepower by 10 hp (up to 237 hp).  The engine runs on 110 octane (R+M/2) race fuel, and the higher compression ratio will not present a problem.

Typical cost for an engine built to this specification is $25-$30,000 USD (pending final specification).

Engine Component Details:

WBC Billet TR6 Crankshaft (Gen2)
WBC Heavy Duty TR6  Main Cap Set
WBC 300M TR6 Connecting Rod Set
WBC Forged TR6 Piston Set (Race Spec)
Light Steel Flywheel with Uprated Clutch
WBC783 Race TR6 Camshaft with 1.65:1 Roller Rockers
WBC Blueprinted & Ported TR6 Oil Pump
WBC Baffled & Deeped Standard TR6 Sump
WBC Ported & Prepared TR6 Cylinder Head
Triple 45DCOE Webers on WBC Ported & Prepared Intake
123TUNE Programable Distributor with WBC Dyno Developed Ignition Curve