Example Engines & Dyno Figures

WBC 2.7L Street Performance TR6 Engine

183 hp @ 5400 RPM & 185 lb ft @ 4400 RPM
Flat broad torque curve, very linear power delivery!

Video of one of the dyno runs, screaming from 2400 up to 5600 RPM:

WBC518 camshaft, 9.75:1 CR (93 octane fuel)  - this is a very efficient, street friendly engine!

If you want a truly high performance street engine that is incredibly efficient and usable, our 2.7L TR6 motors are fantastic.  The increased displacement resulting from the larger bore size allows greater flexibility with carburettor and cam choice without negatively impacting bottom end performance.  We also build our street engines to produce their best power and torque well within safe RPM limits.  You will not have to rev our street motors to insane levels to achieve high performance - we're doing this all within the RPM limits of a stock engine! 

We highly recommend engine dyno testing for all high performance engines as it allows validation of the performance, proper engine break-in and accurate tuning of all ignition and fuel parameters.  All dyno testing done on a state of the art Superflow engine dyno.